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Bodega Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

Founded in 1975, bodega y cavas de weinert is located in lujan de cuyo, argentina?s craddle for top quality wines. The original building of 1890 of spanish colonial architecture, reminiscent of an old winery owned by the family otero until 1920, catches the eye by its beauty, inviting those who pass by to know what it guards in its inside.this zone lies against the andes range foothills, in latitude 33°s and longitude 68°w. Its altitude varies between 3143? and 2833? above sea level. The ground of alluvial, sandy, rocky, pemeable, fertile and non-saline type made possible the most favourable adaptation of grapevines originally brought from france: cabernet sauvignon from the south east, malbec and semillon from bordeaux, chardonnay from bourgogne and pinot from the loire d?anjou.

Category:   Wine
Varietal:   Cabernet Sauvignon
Region:   Mendoza :

Availability: Out of stock

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