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Siembra Azul Blanco Tequila

From distiller's website: siembra azul (blue harvest) is a small-batch, artisanally crafted, super premium tequila made from 100% of only the finest blue agave, grown and produced in the town of aran- das, in the highlands of jalisco, mexico. It is a kosher and double distilled spirit of unparalleled quality. Siembra azul is wrought from only the finest agave tequilana weber blue variety, which has been carefully nurtured by the terroir of the highlands for up to 12 years. This agave is grown without the use of pesticides by masters of the trade in small orchards that have been owned and operated by the vivanco family for more than three generations.

Category:   Spirits
Varietal:   Agave
Region:   :

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