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Weingut Joh Jos Prum 'wehlener Sonnenuhr' Auslese 2004

"The Joh. Jos. Prum portfolio includes a number of truly illustrious vineyards, but it is undoubtedly the vines in the Sonnenuhr (sundial) vineyard on the opposite bank to the town of Wehlen that produce the most iconic wines, and are most readily associated with the estate. The stones underfoot here are typically a blue-grey slate, like many of the vineyards along the Mosel it is precipitously steep, and it is also particularly rugged, with the vines running around crags of bare rock in places. From this vineyard come wines that near perfection if there is such a thing, across all levels of the Prdikat, although it is the Auslesen that stupefy most, especially when looking beyond the standard (but still fabulous) bottling to the Gold and Long Gold Kapsel (often abbreviated to GK and LGK) bottlings, superior selections which serve not to increase the texture and weight, but provide instead greater purity, focus and precision."

Category:   Wine
Varietal:   Riesling
Region:   Mosel-Saar-Ruwer :

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