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22 Oct 2018

FEATURING: Rockey's Milk Punch

As purveyors of fine wines, spirits, and liqueurs, we are constantly keeping our eyes open for the next big thing. When one of our colleagues approached us asking us to meet with Eamon Rockey so we could try his brand new Milk Punch, our interest was piqued. The moment we tasted Rockey's Milk Punch our decision was made, we had to carry this bottle.

Milk Punch may sound relatively obscure, but upon further research the beverage has a deep history in the United States back to before our nations founding. Past Milk Punch was incredibly personal with various people and establishments having their own proprietary recipes. Ben Franklin was one such person who had his own secret recipe to making the luscious clear milk based liqueur.

After exploring numerous recipes Eamon settled on one that in his mind captured the essence of what this beverage should be. The ingredients are relatively simple and always naturally derived. Using neutral grain spirit, sweet fruits, citrus, spices, and clarified milk in a labor intensive process of mixing, heating, and straining, Eamon has managed to capture something that he believes is "greater than the sum of its parts," and we are inclined to agree.

This past Thursday, October 18th, we invited him to pour Rockey's along side four spirits from New York Distilling Company to showcase the delicious versatility his Milk Punch has. The tasting was a huge success with us selling out before we were even halfway done with our tasting. Eamon will be joining us again for an encore tasting on Friday November 16th and we hope you can be there to share in this exciting taste of history.



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