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20 Oct 2018

Rosé at Vintry

The pink wine so closely associated with summer has become a year-round staple for many. And rightfully so! Rosés come in a variety of styles from sweet to dry, light to full bodied; there is a wine for every occasion or meal. Our summer line up has always been a huge success, showcasing over a dozen Provencal rosés, but also featuring wines from other parts of the world not so closely associated with this style of wine. We offer rosés from the US, Austria, Italy, and virtually every other country that makes rosé.

As the weather changes we have transitioned into more full bodied whites and reds to match the demands of the season and its fare, but this year we are making a commitment to carrying several beautiful rosés that will find you reminiscing about warm days of summers past and looking forward to next Spring. You may surprise yourself too with how seamlessly they become a part of your autumn and winter rotation of bottles.

One rosé producer we want to highlight is Maison Coeur and their Coeur de Rosé. Literally translating to the "heart of rosé" Christophe Vialette and Morgan Roial committed to a vision of making fine rosé that is indicative of its origin and universal in its drinkability. For this duo wine is about bringing friends and family together through food and drink. Their wine does this effortlessly.

This is one of several rosés Vintry will be offering year round for you enjoyment.



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