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“The winery has now 19 hectares of vines. The vineyards are spread on the east side of Lake Neusiedl over three villages. The production is focused on the indigenous grape varieties Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent. Merlot is back up for the blends and Pinot Noir is amusement. Traditional “old fashioned” winemaking methods are used to “terroir-driven” wines. “When you are working outside, you begin to see the world different with your eyes. You get more respect for your plants, soil, animals, and the natural environment.” In this context Claus began to work bio-dynamic. This means: cover crops in the vineyard, humus production from cow- and horse manure, homeopathic support with different tea-preparations - working with the knowledge from Rudolf Steiner. 2009 Claus moved to a new winery at Goldberg in Gols. The new building is very modern and now is generous space for the future production. Since 2003 Claus Preisinger is the youngest member of the group “Pannobile”. Pannobile is a association of nine vintners from the town of Gols. The word is an ideal representation of the groups focus: “Pannonia refers to the regions name during Roman times and underscores that origin is an important criterion of the wines; “Nobile” emphasis the noble character of the wines. Ultimately, a Pannobile wine is one of complex structure and great aging potential. “The wines are my image of the nature. I try not to influence artificially in the vineyard and cellar. Also if I could amend the wine, I do not, because I want to show, what nature gives. Small, native, none globalized, unconsulted (or personal). Emotion, passion, instinct, nose, mouth and to act spontaneously.” That’s the philosophy of Claus Preisinger. A strong announcement from the self-confident vintner and the wines shows the same.”
Variety: Pinot Blanc, Gruner Veltliner, Chardonnay,
Region: Neusiedlersee
Vintage: 2016