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"Most coffee liqueur brands on the market use some type of base spirit, powdered coffee, corn syrup and pretty much all of them use coloring. Firelit starts by collecting coffee samples from various high end Bay area coffee roasters. We make a very small version of our liqueur with each sample and then do a blind tasting to select which origin and roast works best and will be used for our next batch. The chosen coffee roaster and origin is hand stamped on the side of the Firelit label. The color of the stamp changes with each batch to highlight the different batches. The coffee is cold brewed in water and then separated. The liquid coffee is blended with our base spirit which is unaged high-proof brandy. The grounds are used to infuse a separate batch of brandy which we then distill. This coffee distillate is then added to the coffee/ brandy blend and aged for a little time to allow settling and oxidization. We use cane syrup to sweeten just before bottling."